Aug 13, 2008

Release the brilliance!

Today, in honor of my mother's 60th birthday, IFC Entertainment releases My Effortless Brilliance as part of their Festival Direct series, among other things they do. 

No time to talk - I must clear off my box spring for the piles of money that I will soon use as a mattress. For you see, in the eyes of cable TV subscribers everywhere, I will, no doubt, presently become like unto a star. A distant and tiny dim star, to be sure, but somewhere in the flooded galaxy of digital media, I will have arrived. 
Where do I pick up my baggage, I wonder?

Also, I have a used mattress which I will let go for $300,000 OBO.

Happy Birthday, Mom. 
I hold you partly responsible for all this.


Erin said...

This is some serious cable domination shit.

Ted said...

i checked on my MEB music royalties and looks like it could be anywhere from $4.00 to $11.50. but i do mean ANYWHERE in that range. i'm storing my money in a tiny nesting doll inside of a thimble inside of a larger nesting doll inside of a large gun safe.

Christopher said...

Dude - NOBODY is going to shell out $300K for your used mattress - at least not until you've been in-and-out of rehab a couple of times.

This is the BIG LEAGUES we're talking here, so get right to work on that, 'kay?

Tina Rowley said...

I was innocently flipping through the On Demand listings last night, hoping maybe to catch an episode of The Hills that I hadn't seen - and - kaBAH! - there was your movie, where, not having seen this yet, I didn't know it was going to be!

I stayed up late and ate a whole thing of frozen yogurt and watched it. YOU GUYS! GOOD! GOOD, YOU GUYS!