Aug 16, 2008

Who sent me this shirt?

This came to me in the mail on Friday with no name or note included.
Don't get me wrong, I love free t-shirts and all, and this one comfortably rides the line between ridiculous and juvenile (c'est moi!), but um...

Who do I have to thank/reprimand/by a beer?
Did I win something?
Will this shirt get me in trouble?
How come all these awesome things keep happening to me?!?!


Christopher said...

Maybe it's a little wishful thinking on someone's part.

Can you recall any over-40 single women who've been unusually flirtaceous with you lately?

And if so, can you give me their phone numbers?

flamingbanjo said...

Whoever it is, they've got your address and your number.

shannieshooshoo said...

Crap. Now that I've seen that, do I have to get it for my man?