Jul 21, 2010

Try it! It's delicious!

I was cleaning out some of my accumulated Internet gatherings today and stumbled across a nearly-abandoned del.icio.us account of mine (apparently just called delicious.com now that Yahoo! owns it).

If you're unfamiliar, delicious.com a web-based bookmarking service that I used for about 5 seconds before getting distracted by LOLCats or FaceTube or my own reflection or snack food... yummmm...

Nonetheless! It was kinda fun going through some of the sites I wanted to remember once upon a time. So now, I'm passing the weird savings* on to you, gentle reader:

*actual monetary savings subject to not existing.

**recommendation: do the latter before you do the former. Got that? It's former after latter, or, latter first, then former. Not vice versa. FOR GOD'S SAKE ARE WE CLEAR??