Sep 19, 2006

SCIENCE! So shut up!

Lindy West is now my favorite film critic in Seattle for this review of "Accepted".  Starring nobody and apparently written and directed by same:

"Accepted" is about a bunch of horrible, entitled, middle-class teens who don't get into college for perfectly legitimate reasons. Well, boo fucking hoo. You're such a smarty-pants that you only applied to Yale? Your bad! Busted rotator cuff busted your sports scholarship? How about some studying, champ? Oh, you just didn't try that hard? Wow! Fuck you! I wish it were possible to punch a movie in the face (can we get to work on that, science?). (LINDY WEST)
(from The Stranger, 9/14-20)

Also, now that I know "The Last Kiss" came from the co-writers of "Crash" and "Million-Dollar Baby", I have been forever purged of any desire to see it.  Speaking of movies I would love to punch on the face...
Dear Hollywood, Thanks for the heads-up!!
Yr pal,

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