Sep 20, 2006

Science! Now with more boasting!

Of course, my *other* favorite film critic in Seattle is Annie Wagner, for purely self-serving reasons:

We Go Way Back
 Winner of multiple awards at Slamdance, We Go Way Back (by Stranger One-to-Watch Lynn Shelton) is the tender story of a fringe-theater actress in Ballard who is knocked off her twentysomething rails by simple little letters she wrote to her older self at the age of 13. Amber Hubert is properly vague in the lead role, R. Hamilton Wright scores bountiful zingers as a capricious theater director, and Basil Harris is perfect in the small role of an empathetic friend. A must if you've ever attended Seattle theater, and a sweet, subtle choice for everyone else. (ANNIE WAGNER)

"Perfect" is a strong word, Annie.  You're going to make me want to punch myself in the face.

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