Sep 15, 2006

As if I didn't have enough trouble with football

Heard on Fox Sports last night:

"...the New York Yankees take on the Hated Red Sox..."




HATED Red Sox??!  Compared to - I'm sorry - the #*!$% YANKEES???!!?!?
Everyone knows, of all the teams to hate in MLB, Steinbrenner's Stormtroopers are a not only the obvious choice, they practically hate themselves FOR you!

Remember in 2004 when everyone was a Red Sox fan?  And that was before they even met the Cardinals!
Underdogs!  Scrappers!  Heros!  Kurt Schilling's bloody ankle, fer chrissakes!!

And now they're the "Hated Red Sox" according to (speaking of hateful) Fox.  
I guess that's what winning a World Series does to you.

Say it ain't so, Rupert.

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