Aug 18, 2006

Internet Outrage!

The interenet is down at our apartment again.  It's not really a huge deal and it doesn't happen a lot, thankfully.   
Oh, and it is free, after all.  We piggy-back on our neighbor's wireless signal which saves us apporximately four-hundred-million dollars a month in interweb bills.  I'm sure this is a huge violation of some kind of internet geek code - like downloading music on a file-sharing site without sharing your own files.  Dude, not cool.

But whatever, I'm in this for Number One, you fart-knockers.  I might not even fix my blog comment function so there's not a damn thing you can say.  How ya like me now?!  
Too bad.  I'm not listening!

Besides, I'm now at the hip Brooklyrd coffee shoppe where I get free wi-fi and the absolute greatest mix of 90's hip-hop in the universe.  

And I finally found the perfect bag. (in army green, not pink).

It's the little things, really.

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