Feb 25, 2008

Syntax update

The following are terms and expressions I look forward to using and overusing in the weeks to come. When you see me next, I might only be interested in stringing these together somehow throughout our conversation. You have been warned.
  •  "This... isn't over." - Used in personal-action-movie-style drama (spoken in a harsh whisper through clenched teeth)
  •  "You'd better have a roommate because I don't know how you can live with yourself." -Used when imparting feelings of utter disgust in a friend or family member (it happens more than you think)
  •  "I know where your mama parks your house." - Used when forced to insult a redneck
  •  Deproblem (v): to fix or eliminate the problem. (ex. My wife asked me to deproblem our daughter's diaper situation) - Made-up office terminology. Can be used outside the office. 
Feel free to try these yourself, they are for public use. Just as long as you credit me or the TV shows I stole some of them from. 
I'll probably have moved on to new and better expressions by the time these get popular anyway. It's how tastemakers like me deproblem a boring life. 


bree said...

this is all so syntactically fantasical.

flaminbanjo said...

See, when I first heard the term "tastemaker" I assumed it meant a chef, but now I know it means -- wait, what does it mean, exactly? It's a chef, right?

Basil said...

yeah. it means chef.

just like "boilermaker" means barista.

bree said...

disremember it's legitimate, but i think we can all agree in wishing that it wasn't.

done.made.said said...

how about, "it's def... and you know it!" as delivered by one of the Fat Boys in the movie Krush Groove while defending the newly suggested name of "The Fat Boys".

so, you can use it when you think something is really cool, but other people don't think it's cool and you're trying to convince them, but they don't believe you and then you're arguing and... oh. um, kinda like right now.

&rea said...

referencing a past blog.. you might say that "HRC or Obama could 'deproblem' the issues with our country" tm Basil.