Feb 6, 2008

It seems like only yesterday...

... that I was asked by a co-worker if I thought we'd ever see a woman president in our lifetime. I said yes, of course, or a black president, for that matter. 
Optimistic but reasonable, I thought. Probably not before 2012, though. I mean, let's be realistic, this country needs a backboard and a neck brace before it can be moved. 

Well, here we are at the primaries and it's going to happen. HRC or The Big O - one or the other is moving in and Whitey The Man is literally getting his walking papers. This is the year we see it happen. 

(Potential Fallout: Punk rock ceases to be relevant. Maybe?)

If that doesn't get you worked up in some way, check your pulse. 
You might be dead.
Or Canadian.


done.made.said said...

yeah. i hope so. i had a talk with my draft-dodging civil rights activist turned university professor uncle about Obama. He mentioned that not a single one of his friends and collegues thought that Obama could get inagurated with out being asassinated. As someone who can only vaguely asassination attempts on Reagan, I find this a little scary. These old hippies are really starting to get me down.

bree said...

or a dead canadian.

Sean Nelson said...

'cause you know how many black folks and women are represented by punk.

i am trenchant.