Mar 7, 2008

Let the iMocking commence

After buying one of these for Ida (you know, just because), I requested and was given one for my birthday.

I admit: 
  1. Holy crap. It totally rules, and 
  2. I am a gadget whore. There, I said it.
I'd also like to formally apologize to all those iPhone owners I mocked for their geekishness. 
I now humbly submit to the taunting slings and arrows of both of this blog's readers.
Le Geek, C'est Moi. 


flamingbanjo said...

Oooh, how'd you ever live without this? What's next, the iTowel™? The iRon™? the iChair™?

Okay, that's all I got.

MJAPA said...

Oh man, I totally have phone envy now.

Perfect baby, awesome wife, cool band and now this phone! You live a charmed life, my friend!

Happy Birthday!!

Christopher said...

Feh, my Moto Q9h mocks you!

shannieshooshoo said...

As of this morning, I am joining your iTeam. Used my Sgt. Rigsby paycheck (it's like free money!) and bought up my very own iPhone. The first gadget in forever that I've actually been excited about.

Maybe I'm really just commenting because blogger has added the ability for me to comment via my LJ username, which is good because for the life of me I can never remember my blogger identity.