Jan 25, 2007

Looking Minnesota, Feeling Rochester

In a bizarre test of The Universe's of Unknowable Humours*, I got hit with a stupid headcold on the same day that we finally got the internet back in our house**.

PRO - I can check NewJob email from home. Can end subject lines with "wfh".
CON - Phlegm. Everywhere.

PRO - Daytime internet is way better than daytime TV.
CON - Daytime internet is pretty boring if you're not wasting company time.

PRO - More time to write in my blog.
CON - More time to write in my blog.

So you see how it is. I don't know which end is up anymore. I've missed 2 days of work now, which should make my Friday seem like a Monday and next Monday seem like the Friday I had this week after missing two days of work. Know what I mean?

I have to get out of the house.

* Note the Old Fashioned use of the word, meaning not "haha", but rather "health". And sometimes "women problems".

** The same day we started paying for it was also the same day a local pasword-protected network in our 'hood randomly turned un-password-protected, and thus, free. Insert 3 Stooges gesture here.

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flamingbanjo said...

PRO: Blogging from a "pants-optional" zone.