Jul 3, 2008

When the lightning strikes

Something great about hearing throughout the day that more than a few people were jolted awake last night by the same, soul-shattering thunder clap around 5 a.m. 
I remember thinking, in my sleep-intoxicated, partial dream state, "This is so cool. I hope the baby doesn't get scared. Thunderstorms are the best. I wonder if that just hit a treezzzzzzzz..."

A cool, muggy summer night with gigantic electrical explosions coming out of the sky:

It is a divine thing, indeed.


Scotto said...

it was extremely excellent to wake up to the sound of the elements. i was momentarily irritated to be awake, only to be thrilled that i was hearing the long lost midwestern sounds of a true honest to god thunderstorm. that's the only thing i miss about the midwest. well, that and the corn fed honeys. oh come on, i'm just brought up that way.

Bree said...

Let me just say this, it's all fun and games until your cell phone explodes, next to your peacefully sleeping head, due to a power surge. When it comes to the mid-west; I miss the soul shattering thunder,yes, but also the barbecue. I mean come. on.