May 8, 2008

We're Going to the Movies!

I don't often use this sacred space for shameless self-promotion, but-

Wait, can we take that again? I didn't feel like I sounded sincere enough.
Do you think I sounded genuine? 
Okay, are we still rolling? Okay, let's just take it again.


Dear readers,
I do hope that you and all of your friends will come see the films that I am in this year at the Seattle International Film Festival, of which there are three. You can find out more about the wonderful festival - the largest on the continent! - here.  Specific details about the films I'm in can be found here.

Really, if you want to see anything at the festival, you should act now, as people in Seattle do love their artsy, indie, filmy-films so. You wouldn't want to end up in the lobby, crying in your popcorn, because you couldn't get into the big show. 

Because, come on. That's a waste of perfectly good popcorn. 
Don't embarrass yourself.

Best Wishes,

W. G. Beets

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