Apr 2, 2007

The Low End Theory

Yes, I bought this bass amp yesterday.

No, I really didn't have the money to pay for it up front - and here's where I have to give props to Mega Super Guitar Mart's painfully tempting sale offers. No money down, no-interest payments for a year, a really helpful and enthusiastic sales associate named Matt (but, Matt, please pick a name for me besides "bro" or "dude", won't you?). Plus they're lit'rally the only chain in the country that sells these particular goodies.
(So unofficially, hooray for Guitar Mammoth Music Centers Inc. this time. I'll still go on record saying that place gives me a headache, though.)

Yes, I really needed it.

Yes, it's as small as it looks AND it's way lighter and more powerful than my old one.

No, I don't know how they do it. Neither did Matt. Maybe Marco can explain it to you. Or maybe you just shouldn't question the rock.

Yes, I used it at a show last night. Mon Dieu! Si, si bon!!

So the rebuild from last year's grand theft auto is finally complete (with no help from USAA Insurance, you dirty cheap bastards).

Did I mention I'm kind of a dork?


Christopher said...

Like you needed to...

And what's up with frackin' insurance companies these days? The whole point of paying ridiculous amounts of money in the form of premiums is precisely so that, if you do suffer a loss, they will PAY THE FRACKIN' BILLS & THE CASUALTY EXPENSE - ON TIME! If they're going to drag it out for weeks or months on end, what good are they?

'Course, they've already got YOUR $$, so waddayagonnado?


Meghan said...

Dork? You?

Seriously, you are A GOD OF ROCK is what you are!

(egg) said...

You do not need to mention the dorkinees. We know.