Oct 5, 2006

Overheard Conversation #12: Boomin' Grannies

(In a coffee shop, two elderly women and one elderly man at a nearby table.)

Older woman #1: "I heard him say, 'your skin is so pale you should color it'. And I said, 'I'M FROM FINLAND!'..."

Older woman #2: "He's trying to tell you you're too good for your husband?!"
Older woman #1: "That's exactly what he told me! He said, 'You're better than him. You are too good for Mitch'. That's what he said."
Woman #2: "I don't believe it..."
Woman #1: "I am serious as a NEW YORK HEART ATTACK."

Man: "He doesn't even speak English, does he? He's from Finland too."
Woman #2: "No, when he speaks English, it's like a manner of speaking. A figure of speech."
Man: "Oh, I see."

Man: "Anyway, it will make a good story. (long pause) A story without a hero. Except for you. (long pause) You'd be the hero of that story"
Woman #2: "Well, thank you for that."
(long pause)
Man: "You're wasting your time with those cats!"
Woman #2 (laughing): "I know it!"

Woman #1: "I have to wear this hat in the sun. Doctor's orders. Otherwise my skin gets very red."
Man: "That's okay, it looks good."
Woman #2: "Yeah, it looks very mysterious"
Woman #1: "Mysterious! Like a fart in a movie theater!"
Man: "Well, I guess that's mysterious too..."

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