Oct 14, 2009

Explain please

I really don't know what to make of this.

"I think, therefore I'm single"
Misogynistic? Self-effacing? Passive-aggressive?
I spent way too much time weaving in and out of traffic trying to figure out this bumper sticker today. Help me, The Internet!


Michelle Auer said...

Obviously this guy is just bitter because he did not find himself a lady to make a wife who is as cool or as hot as yours. The proper emotional response for this person would be pity.

Christopher said...

What kind of car was it on? That would probably be the most telling aspect.

sibyld said...

A phrase I have used many times, in the past. I think a more appropriate phrase might be, 'I think, therefore I don't get asked home for anonymous sex with strangers at meat markets. Or I have the sense to say no.'

Angela said...

Maybe it's more like "I think World of Warcraft is fun, therefore I'm single" or "I think no one can replace mom, therefore I'm single" or "I think my knife collection is the best, therefore I'm single." Who knows.