Aug 21, 2009

You waited this long...

...just for a stupid meme:

It would take 15 Manhattans to kill me
So there you go, would-be assassins. But I warn you: I get pretty "handsy" around #5, so leave your boundary issues at the door when you come to do me in.


done.made.said said...

okay then, so how about we do that during happy hour and save a few bucks?

Christopher said...

Mine came out as needing 27 shots of Jack to reach a lethal level.

I just want to see the headline:

"Man shot 27 times dies"

mccabe said...

Manhattans? What the hell kind of girly-drink boozaholic are you, anyway?

Also, this is a transparent cry for help. An intervention is forthcoming, so watch your ass.