Oct 20, 2008

Wired magazine says I should stop blogging

They told me I should quit behaving like it's 2004 and get on board with Facebook posting and Twittering (see left [UPDATE: see right]) and Flickr live feed video conference update yadda yadda blah blah. Nobody cares about me, the casual and erratic social blogger, anymore. It's all about actual "news" blogs and LOLcats now. These beets are made of dinosaur dust and dodo dreams.

But I enjoyed 2004. Things were different back then, before the iPhone, back when a text message really meant something, you know? I miss those days. How long until regular blogging becomes retro-chic? I can wait, I don't have to be anywhere til 3:30 today.

I know my posting has been anemic of late - the Google analytics graph of this site looks like a Kansas cornfield in December >rimshot!<.
So maybe they're right. Maybe I should stop blindly following the imagined demands of those who rely on weekly updates from me and begin blindly following the imagined demands of those who crave up-to-the-minute, CNN ticker-style tweets. Imagined demands are still demands, after all.

But I'll never stop fondly recalling the days before Vista and Leopard. When Internet video was still code for "adult entertainment" the kids still vaguely remembered VHS. Those were the good times, people.
Beets never forgets.


flamingbanjo said...

This just in: Magazine that survives by selling brand-new cutting-edge consumer technology urges you to use brand-new cutting-edge consumer technology and abandon your outmoded, no-longer-generating-new-purchases technology.

Yeah, I'm dying to start following everybody's Twitter postings and vlogs. I think I can get my attention span down to under five seconds if I -- hey, look a bird!

Basil said...

Good point.
I still can't make myself care about Twitter. I tried. I really tried, but...
I don't know, I have a life or something.