Jun 17, 2008


Two years ago today, we got married. Still, the only thing I can pull from memory about that day is a series of colorful sketches - clothing, jewelry, flowers, the sky, green grass among faded brick. It's all still a warm, broad-stroked blur. I'm glad there are photographs to put sharp edges on some of those impressionist images.

I remember smiling so widely and for so long that I had to physically pull down on my facial muscles to ease the strain.
Trembling on the verge of tears as I read my vows and as Ida read hers to me. Embracing as a married couple for the first time as if our brief moment on the stage had been an eternity and we'd been miles apart, even though our apartment was right down the street.

The day was color and sun and music, out-of-town family and well-dressed friends all sunglasses and smiles, buoying up our already full and racing hearts. It was Dave J.'s getaway car with classic rock blaring out of the speakers literally carrying us off into the sunset, tired feet and wet cheeks and all.

I'm proud of what we did that day. I'm proud that we did something so regular and everyday and made it our own. I'm proud that we even made Mr. Rich cry and that we were still able to say our vows on the upswing of the minute-hand like we wanted, despite a late start.

I'm proud of our life together, G. Thanks for saying yes. I hope we'll both always keep saying it.
Happy marriage, long life.

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Christopher said...

Funny. I walked by the park on Sunday, and it made me think of that day too, and I smiled.

Of course, the fact that a wood-fired pizza oven was situated right where your stage had been might have had something to do with the smileage, too.