Aug 8, 2007

I can barely see the road from the heat comin' off of it

All I have to say is, I'm clearing my entire fall calendar for this.

Hold all my calls. Feed my plants. I've been 'loured' to this even though they have a new 'base' player.

(AHN News - How's that search for a proofreader coming along?)


flamingbanjo said...

Well, they're a few years older. So now they're just walking very slowly with the Devil. But still, Diamond Dave!

Basil said...

Other signs of Van Againg:
1. Might as well shrug (SHRUG!)
2. Somebody get me a doctor. Seriously.
3. Women, children and elderly rockers first
4. Atomic Punk (get off my lawn!)
5. Hot for my grandson's social studies teacher
6. Dance the early afternoon away
7. I think I really am on fire.

sibyld said...

Hey! Let's be nice. I love Van Hale.

done.made.said said...

this makes more comebacks than Kiss and Michael Jordan put together. they need to get a little more creative. I want to see them have a Jackson/Roth duet on a rendition of "Beat It" with Eddie playing the original solo. Now that, that, would rule.